What we do

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We can edit the dialogue of your film so that each line is consistent, has errors and background noise removed, and has a smooth transition between cuts.


We can remove unwanted sounds, make distorted audio sound cleaner, and a whole host of other fixes. There are limits to what can be done in post, but if you're looking to salvage your audio then give us a call.

Re-recording Mixing
We can mix your audio for a wide variety of formats. We can provide 2.0 stereo mixes to make your project sound awesome on TV broadcast, theatrical release (eg festivals) or online (YouTube, Vimeo etc.) 
We can create and edit sound design for your projects. Whether it is needing missing Foley, making an environment sound more realistic, or making a spaceship sound realistic, we can help.                                                                                
We can compose in a wide variety of styles and to best suit your project. We also have a large back catalogue of tracks that are instantly ready to be downloaded and used in your project. Click the Click Me link to go to hear our catalogue.
Whether you have a tune you can play but don't know how to write down, or if you need a full orchestration made up with individual parts, we can provide for all your notation needs.                                                                           

Want to know how it all works?

If you're looking at getting help with audio post-production but don't know where to even start, check out this video.